Stepping Stones to Freedom: Help to Allied Airmen in The Netherlands During World War II door Bob de Graaff

The book, Stepping Stones to Freedom: Help to Allied Airmen in The Netherlands During World War II, by Professor Bob de Graaff was originally published in Dutch as Schakels naar de vrijheid by SDU Publishers in The Hague in 1995 in cooperation with “The Escape” organization, a group made up of WWII helpers of downed Allied airmen.  Members of “The Escape” felt so strongly about its historical contents that they gathered financial support to have it translated and printed in English for members of the Air Forces Escape and E


The Handbook of European Intelligence Cultures


door Bob de Graaff e.a
National intelligence cultures are shaped by their country’s history and environment. Featuring 32 countries (such as Albania, Belgium, Croatia, Norway, Latvia, Montenegro), the work provides insight into a number of rarely discussed national intelligence agencies to allow for comparative study, offering hard to find information into one volume. In their chapters, the contributors, who are all experts from the countries discussed, address the intelligence community rather than focus on a single agency.

Ethics of counterterrorism - redactie Michael Kowalski

The terrorist attacks that have been haunting European capitals show us that counterterrorism is necessary and essential in modern day society. The intelligence services and other organisations active in the field of counterterrorism are faced on a daily basis with the question of how extensive and intrusive their actions can be. What are the limits? Which actions are ethical? And most importantly: how do the professionals themselves deal with these – often complex – dilemmas?